Monday, November 18, 2013

Reality vs Negativity

Reality vs Negativity

In the search for personal success I have and continue to make difficult decisions and take risks. I usually spend a considerable amount of time weighing the options and listing pros and cons before I make a final decision. During this process I like to discuss my plan with friends, family, aquaintances, even strangers. I find that there three types of responses : positive/hopeful, realistic, but supportive and negative/unsupportive. I always appreciate a dose of reality to help ground my often dreamlike ideas, but straight-up naysaying is not only unsupportive, but it's depressing. No one will get anywhere without taking a risk.

For example: I would like buy an RV to use on the road during music tours.
Positive: That's a great idea! You could save so much money and cover a lot of ground.
Realistic: That's a great idea, but keep in mind the cost of gas, maintenance etc.
Negative: It will never work. Those things guzzle gas and always break down.

My focus on this rant is "Why so freakin' negative, dude?!"

I guess the best thing to do is just ignore it and keep hopeful.


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